Black & white photographs are so more colourful.

A collection of black & white photography by Australian amateur Chris Malikoff

why black & white?

I shoot everything in RAW, and process almost exclusively to black and white. I produce very little colour, because quite frankly I find that the subjective nature of colour gets in the way of the subject matter itself. Too many times I’ve heard people object to a colour photograph on the basis that it’s not “quite the right” colour, or not the colour “they’d expect”. It’s too saturated, or too dull, the green grass “looks blue” to them. Black and white conveys the complete tonal quality of the subject, and that’s all that’s needed. It carries emotion, mood and mystery far more credibly.

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what I shoot with

I’ve been through many cameras to arrive with the selection I feel most comfortable with today. I’ve settled on smaller mirror-less systems now, as they suit my style of photography more than overly-large DSLRs.

I like to travel light, and found that dragging a heavy bagful of camera bodies and lenses sometimes weighing kilos each was simply making photography a chore. Mirror-less is here to stay. You’ll also see images I’ve taken with my Leica M8, M9 and several DSLRs including a Nikon D40, Canon 40D,  5D MkII and MkIII.

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